About Us .. Our Story

My name is Sammi and I own The Pig Sty Co. I pride myself in getting to know my customers on a personal level and taking as much time and discussion as you require to answer any questions that you may have. I don't want to just be a name on your screen, so I thought a bit of a background story on me may interest you.

I have worked for the NHS for a number of years now and I am currently employed within Radiology in which I adore and something that I have worked extremely hard to get to.

At present, my youngest daughter is very unwell, meaning she is living with no immune system. I made the decision to take a six month career break to be with my family and to care for my daughter. Myself and both of my daughters have an enormous love for guinea pigs, therefore, I have decided to throw my business out there in the hopes that I can stay at home permanently to care for my daughter.

Every single purchase, like and support means the world to me and my family and although I cannot thank each and every one of you on an individual basis, please know that your support is received gratefully.

Our Team

Four handsome piggies at your service!


Truffle is the Stys oldest pig, he is 14 months and very handsome indeed!


Norman is 4 months old. Hes shy, fuzzy and adores his cuddles!


JImmy is Normans brother, hes more confident and outgoing of the two!


Timmy is our youngest pig at 8 weeks old, yet he is super confident, outgoing and hungry!